Oh, the Gift Exchange

December 3, 2007 — Leave a comment

Christmas gift bagWell, two parties in three days is pretty good. I always enjoy the Christmas parties, but I just wish we could spread them out a little bit.

I find the gift exchanges quite interesting most of the time. So far, that’s held true. You know, these “dirty Santa”-style gift exchanges — where people are allowed to “steal” gifts two or three times — can be a real test of human emotions. Here are a few of the emotions and thoughts I experienced at the two gift exchanges this weekend:

  • “I hope I get something good — not a hand-me down or ‘regifted’ item.”
  • “I think she doesn’t like what I brought. I wonder why. She’s just ungrateful.”
  • “Do you really have to touch every freaking present on the table?!”
  • “What will I even do with it if I end up with that?! Who can I give it to? Is there another party I can take it to?”
  • “What part of ‘$10 limit’ didn’t they understand? Of course, everyone’s gonna want that gift!”
  • “I really want to steal that gift, but she already doesn’t like me. I’m sure she’d think I took it just to make her mad.”
  • “They took their own gift! guess none of the rest were good enough for them.”

I know you’ve had some of the exact same thoughts at your own parties too. . . don’t pretend you haven’t.

These parties can be a lot of fun, but they can also bring out the ugly side of ourselves if we’re not careful. Fortunately, just because I had the thoughts, I didn’t feel the need to verbalize them. Hopefully my facial expressions didn’t speak for me!

I encourage you to pay attention to your own thoughts and emotions as you participate in parties this season. And don’t let them get the best of you.

By the way, I hope you get something just the right color, just the right size, a little better than what you brought but not so good that you look like a snot. . . 🙂

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