Cut to the chase

December 28, 2007 — 2 Comments

razor.jpgI’ve been shaving my head pretty close with an electric shaver for several years now. Well, over the Christmas break, I decided to go all the way — with a blade. It didn’t take a lot of courage on my part, since most of my vanity from the college years left some time ago.

A couple days ago, my wife — who had not commented to that point — said, “Please promise you won’t ever do that to your head again.” I did what any loving husband would do. I passed it off as an opinion to be taken under advisement.

Then yesterday, I asked her if my new look had started to grow on her yet. Apparently not. She assured me that no amount of time would make her fondness grow.

I then made the mistake of remarking, “I wish you liked it, because it’s a lot less maintenance.” — to which she replied, “I wish you liked my fat, because it’s a lot less maintenance too.”

I’ve decided to let my hair grow a little now. Go figure.

This little exchange between the two of us got me thinking about the new year. I haven’t put any resolutions in writing yet (I will though; I always do). But this year I think I’ll shoot for some things that require a little more effort. After all, what’s easiest is not always best. . . for ourselves or those we love.

2 responses to Cut to the chase


    really good stuff here.


    I love the way you are so transparent about your life. The interaction between you and Michelle is just priceless! Keep up the good work (both of you)!

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