A possible book topic

March 22, 2008 — 1 Comment

blueberry pancakesI’ve been saying for a long time now that I’d like to write a book one day — whenever I make the time. When I mentioned this to my son several weeks ago — in passing — he became very excited about the prospect of it. But I continue to struggle with identifying just the right topic. So, I just set that aside for a while.

Well, this week, with the incredible spring weather, I’ve had the opportunity to get outside with the kids and throw the football, play on the swings, and run around and act goofy (which isn’t too much of a stretch anyway). For a pretty non-athletic person, I still manage to throw a football quite well — much to the surprise of my boy. He’s genuinely impressed. For just a few minutes, I almost had him believing I had played quarterback in high school!

Yesterday was one of those crazy days in the life of a ministry family — when things just don’t turn out like you had planned. We had decided to make breakfast for dinner (one of our favorites), but when my wife’s children’s ministry project became an all-night ordeal, I realized that she wouldn’t be around to cook. So, being the resourceful dad that I am, I asked the kids if they would like a sandwich or something from a fast-food place. Jackson quickly protested, carefully citing the seriousness of our previous breakfast-for-dinner pact (or so it must have seemed in his mind). I explained to him that I could cook breakfast but that we’d have to do without the pancakes.

However, seeing his disappointment at the prospect of toast, I loaded up the kids and set out on a shopping adventure to pick up milk for the pancakes. Mind you, my wife was at the church in my car — which had my wallet in it. So, my son’s allowance was the only option to actually pay for anything. He was fortunately happy to oblige. While we were at the store, I decided to pick up some fresh blueberries for the pancakes. I mean, after all, if I’m going to cook, I’m going to do it up right!

Once back home, it seemed I had more help in the kitchen than I really needed — but both kids contributed in their own way. And within a half hour, we sat down to what turned out to be a very delicious breakfast for dinner.

My son’s reaction? “Dad, I think we’ve found a topic for your book. You need to write a cookbook because your blueberry pancakes are awesome!” And healthy whole wheat at that, I might add. I can just see it now: Boiling Water, Macaroni and Cheese, Hamburgers, Blueberry Pancakes . . . . I just might have to bring in some editors to help me categorize all my specialties.

Then in the best comment of the evening, Jackson said, “Dad, maybe you should just write a book called Things I’m Really Good At That No One Knew About.” He said that just this week he discovered two things: football and blueberry pancakes.

I’m still pondering his suggestion and trying to solve two obvious issues: (1) how to stretch out those two things into a book-length publication, and (2) how to actually write on that topic without sounding like the most arrogant person on the planet.

For now, I’ll again table the book idea and simply enjoy every moment with my amazing family. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

One response to A possible book topic


    Well done sir! You have lived up to the ultimate male challenge: provide memorable results in the absence of Mom.

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