Waiting. . .In Christ Alone

March 5, 2009 — 2 Comments

955930_church1So many things have changed for me since I last shared my thoughts with the world:

I completed my dissertation and graduated with my doctorate. (And there was much rejoicing on the earth — especially in my household.)

I celebrated lots of Christmas and lots of family birthdays.

I visited New York City for the very first time.

Oh, yeah. . .and I found out the hard way that ministry jobs are not immune from the seemingly relentless economic recession.

And so I sit up late tonight, having searched various job sites, chatted with numerous friends, and wound down from an eventful day. . . and do what I do a whole lot of these days: wait.

Sometimes the phone rings, and I feel my heart flutter a bit. . . especially when the voice caller ID indicates an unknown or out-of-area number. Usually my heart sinks just as quickly as it got excited when the person on the other end wants to sell me vinyl siding. . .or wants me to give money to a great-sounding charity. . . or wants me to leave donations of clothing or household items on the front porch for pick-up.

Waiting is one of those things I am not especially good at doing. But they say practice makes perfect. Now I’ll admit that I am definitely a perfectionist about a lot of things. . . but in this particular area, I’d settle for “just OK.”

When I’m tempted to be overcome by discouragement and feel defeated by the enemy, I remind myself that God is absolutely in control. And for those of you who feel you are in control, let me assure you that you are not. Control is an illusion.

The only things we have any semblance of control over are the little bitty choices we make in the present. . . in the moment. . . in the very way we choose to think, talk, and act. . . in the way we choose to demonstrate love or hate, kindness or indifference, obedience to God or rebellion of Him and all He stands for.

In a world full of uncertainty, may we always remember that Christ is our hope. . . hope that springs eternal! If you are feeling down and out today, I encourage you to place your life in the hands of the One who knows you better than you even know yourself.

The words of this song are such a comfort and inspiration to me. Let them be that to you as well:

In Christ alone my hope is found;
He is my light, my strength, my song;
This Cornerstone, this solid ground,
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm.
What heights of love, what depths of peace
When fears are stilled
When strivings cease;
My Comforter, my All in All;
Here in the love of Christ I stand.

And here’s a video link of the whole song for your enjoyment:


I encourage you today to live in the present. Each day has enough worries of its own.

2 responses to Waiting. . .In Christ Alone



    I’ve been wondering if you’d ever post again and now see why there’s been a delay. Congratulations on getting your doctorate.

    I also read this a.m. that you have friends at the church where the pastor was recently shot and killed. My prayers go out to all in that church family and to you as you continue to provide expressions and insights.


    Hey Wayne. . .good to be back with you. Thanks for the props. . .it was a lot of hard work, but I grew a lot through the process, and learned much more about God and myself. Hope you and your family are well.

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