May 3, 2009 — 1 Comment

lightning1The Dallas area was blessed with several rounds of thunderstorms this weekend, bringing much-needed rainfall to our drought-stricken region. 

I just love a good thunderstorm. The storms that moved through yesterday and last night were quite powerful. They brought torrential rainfall — at a rate of four inches per hour — strong winds, and some of the most intense lightning I’ve seen in quite a while. The most exciting thing that happened during our lazy day at home was watching local news coverage of the chaos at the Dallas Cowboys’ training facility, as its bubble-roof was suddenly collapsed by the rain and wind. With gusts up to almost 80 miles per hour, caused by a microburst, it’s incredible that there were so few injuries.

Just as the third of four big storms was moving out of our neighborhood last night, the power went out.

No lights. No air conditioning. No television. No computer. No hum of the refrigerator. The washing machine stopped mid-cycle. The radio in Jackson’s room went off. It was truly the quietest our house has been in a LONG time.

My wife and I spent some of that late-night quiet time visiting and reminiscing about storms we lived through as kids. It is amazing how much detail the mind can recall from those kinds of events.

As I was getting ready for bed — by candlelight — I thought about how much our modern lives depend on electricity. Nearly everything uses it. And when we find ourselves suddenly without power and in the dark, it gives us pause to really consider life.

However, I think God gives us storms in life to remind us not so much of the power of electricity — but rather, His power. Only God can cause the wind and rain and hail. Only God can generate lightning and thunder. And only God can calm the storm.

The same power He uses to do all that is available to each of us through prayer when we call on His name. Are you plugged in today? Or are you living in spiritual darkness? If you’re a believer, perhaps your batteries need a serious recharge.

I thank God today that He knows my name, He knows my needs, and He loves me with a love that won’t let go. Whatever storm of life you may be going through, reach out and tap into His infinite power and overwhelming love.

No matter how dark times may become, I am grateful that Jesus is the Light.

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    John & Fay Peek May 3, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    Garrick, your comments brought back some memories for ME. When I was a baby/small child, my father would take me out on our front porch during thunderstorms. He would sit in one of the big wicker chairs, with me on his lap. He would tuck the seat cushion under my chin and keep me warm and dry as we watched.

    He made a game out of watching the lightning and listening to the thunder. And, repeated several old wives tales, such as, “The angels are bowling” and “The Devil is beating his wife” (if there happened to be a shaft of sunlight in the midst of the storm, you were supposed to stick a SAFETY PIN into the ground and if you put your ear next to it, you could hear that “beating.”

    Needless to say, I never was afraid of storms after that and always remembered those times with him.

    How great to learn that it ALL is under the LORD’S control!

    Thanks for triggering some fond memories!
    John Peek

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