A day to remember

May 25, 2009 — 1 Comment

Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, I offer this original poem, which I wrote from my heart. If it blesses you, please feel free to share this post with friends and family. I dedicate it, with sincere thanks, to the memory of those who died while serving in our armed forces. May we never forget their sacrifice.

Today is not a day that’s set aside for grillin’.
It’s a day for us to focus on those brave men and women
Who gave their lives that we might be the Land of the Free.
They paid the price, a sacrifice, for you and for me.

Each freedom we enjoy came with a great cost,
A cost we may not fully know until that freedom’s lost.
Like a virus, chaos spreads with terror and with fear,
And hateful things are spoken of the country we hold dear.

I’m grieved today not just for those whose lives were lost in war;
I’m grieved that many fail to grasp what all the fighting’s for.
The values which have been our strength through many times of trouble
Now seem so far removed from most, leaving only moral rubble.

I pray today not just for those whose loved ones died while serving;
I pray for our return to God, whose grace is so undeserving.
I pray that He might light our way and help us through this darkness;
I pray His Word would be our guide, our shelter, and our solace.

To Him whose power knows no end, may He alone find glory
In the way our nation loves and leads and partners in His story.
The God of Israel will provide a measure of protection
For those who stand beside that nation, a people of His affection.

But for today I focus on the brave ones gone before,
The ones to whom we owe respect and love and so much more.
To them I offer gratitude for a debt I can’t repay.
How will you remember them on this Memorial Day?

One response to A day to remember


    Beautiful and touching, Garrick! Like you, I believe that the day we take the privilege of being Americans for granted, we no longer deserve to be Americans. I will not forget their sacrifices, but thanks all the same for reminding me.

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