My 10 favorite things about VBS

June 9, 2009 — Leave a comment

Vacation Bible SchoolIt’s that time of year again! School is out for the summer, and thousands of churches all across the country are either doing — or preparing to do — Vacation Bible School. You’d probably have to look high and low to find anyone more passionate than me about VBS.

There are MANY things I enjoyed about VBS as a kid. Here are my top ten:

10. The smell of that grape Kool-Aid. It just never smelled that strong at home!

9. The sandwich cookies! To this day I still love scraping the filling out with my teeth. It’s one of those things every kid instinctively knows to do — kinda like not eating the crust on sandwich bread.

8. The games we played! I remember playing lots of different games as a young child, but you just couldn’t do any better than Red Rover on the church lawn.

7. The Bible stories! I loved being able to learn more about God’s love for me. VBS always provided a great theme that helped make those stories come to life.

6. The decorations! Lots of work goes into preparing for the VBS experience. As a kid, I just loved seeing the church transformed with color and decorations of all kinds. Those decorations may be a pain to prepare, but they really do help anchor the memory in those young minds.

5. The crafts! The crafts rotation was always one of my favorite parts of VBS. My very favorite craft was a wooden duck candle-holder. It made a perfect gift for my mom (or so she said).

4. The music! I have always loved music, so the songs I learned during VBS really helped the message of the Bible stories stick with me. It’s kinda funny. . .I still know the words and movements of many of those songs!

3. The missionaries! Every year in VBS, we would learn about real-life missionaries. Some years we were privileged to have actual missionaries visit to share their personal experiences, stories, and pictures. Something about that time made missions very real to me.

2. The teachers! I was always blessed to have really good VBS teachers. As an adult now, I understand how hard it can be to get ready for VBS — but I also know that the ministry can be absolutely life-changing, with eternal results for many, many kids.

1. The new friends! Every year I was always thrilled to see lots of fresh faces in VBS. When VBS is done right, a good portion of the attenders really should be children outside the church. There’s no better way to make new friends in the community!

If you are serving in VBS this summer, THANK YOU for your service for the Kingdom. You are making a profound investment in the lives of children and families!

If you have children — even if you do not attend church anywhere on a regular basis — I urge you to find a local VBS for your kids to attend. I can pretty well guarantee that they’ll have a blast. There are great resources for Bible school, but here’s a link to help you find a VBS in your area.

I’d love to hear your favorite memories/experiences from VBS. Your comments are always encouraged!

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