I’m kind of a skeptic

October 15, 2009 — 2 Comments

question mark 2I must admit that as I sit here watching the wall-to-wall news coverage  of the Colorado boy who was believed to be sailing through the open skies in a homemade balloon, I have some serious questions.

This family was apparently featured on the ABC reality show “Wife Swap.” I don’t know about you, but that just screams “attention need” to me. Add to that the father’s seeming proclivity for keeping himself in the public spotlight via iReports on CNN, and you have a wonderfully tasty recipe for skepticism to develop.

The news reports are all over the place, in terms of where the family members were — and what they were doing — in the moments just before the balloon allegedly “broke loose.”

I have a lot more that I could say about this situation that has captured the attention of millions, interrupted air traffic, and stirred fear in the hearts of parents and grandparents all over the world.

But I’ll reserve judgment. For now.

And hope that I’m very wrong about what I’m thinking and feeling at present. Time will tell.


2 responses to I’m kind of a skeptic


    Yes, the background info is cause for pause. I just pray that little boy is ok.


    Yea!!! I’m so excited that they found the little boy alive! I still have some questions . . . but the main one has now been answered.

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