A tribute to our veterans

November 11, 2009 — 4 Comments

US-FlagIf you’re really still and quiet you can hear them in the distance — the sounds of artillery and grenades exploding against the night sky. And every pop represents a person, a man or woman engaged in a battle for our continued freedom in an increasingly hostile and volatile world.

These are soldiers on a mission, just another wave of military combatants building on the legacy of those who have proudly served their country for generations before.

Today I salute those men and women who have served our country so well — our veterans. It has been said many times that freedom isn’t free. And these folks know that all too well, having experienced first-hand the horror and grief of watching comrades die in battle.

Ask most children today who their heroes are, and you’ll likely hear a barrage of names from professional athletes to Hollywood celebrities to cartoon characters.

I love my country. That’s why my heroes are America’s veterans. They represent the best our country has to offer. They have served us well and faithfully. And although they have given so much of themselves for us, I often wonder exactly what we have given them in return.

On this Veterans Day, if you value your freedom, take time out to offer your gratitude to those who have served our country — and your steadfast prayers for those who currently serve.


4 responses to A tribute to our veterans


    I always look at our military personnel as our “Watchmen on the Wall”. We’re not literally surrounded by high walls that keep us safe but we are guarded by dedicated, competent soldiers who love their country and have a heart for protecting their people and their liberties. We live and sleep in peace because of their sacrifice.
    Many times when a reporter actually travels with troups and spends time with them as individuals they come away with a whole different idea and attitude about our military. Their usual response, “They are the finest bunch of young people I have ever met.” Let’s praise God everyday that we live in such a wonderful country and we have people dedicated to keeping it that way.


    Love this post. Love our country!

    Also… you wrote one of the best opening lines of a blog post that I’ve ever read.


      Hollie, thanks for your reply. That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my blogging. Glad to have you as a reader.


    My dad was on a troop ship on Nov. 11, 1943 that was torpedoed by the Japanese. He spent over 24 hours hanging onto a plank until he was rescued and that was before he ever served in the field.
    Remembering him today along with all of the others past and present.

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