Where is God?

September 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

In my years of ministry I have often heard people ask, “Where is God?” In times of difficulty and loss . . . in times of heartache and illness . . . in times of violence and chaos, this is a question that’s repeated in many minds — even the minds of believers. Today I venture deep inside to my ‘inner poet’ to offer this original piece:

“Where is God?” is a question that people often ask.
Its answer may surprise you, even take your faith to task.

We find God in the moments in between the ticks of time.
We find Him in the melody of every church-bell chime.
We find Him in the company of friends both far and near.
We find Him in the presence of mem’ries we hold dear.

We find Him in the shadows of every darkened room.
We find Him in the stale and coldness of the empty tomb.
We find Him in those trials when it seems all hope is lost.
We find Him in the times when life presents its highest cost.

We see His hand in circumstances outside our control.
We feel His presence in the prayers of men both young and old.
We sense His spirit leading in times of great despair.
We hear His voice in children playing in the open air.

Wherever you experience the presence of the Lord,
You’re bound to find Him holding to the promise of His Word.
He brings new life where He is found; this we surely know.
When you find Him, hold on tight, for He wants you to grow.

So, ask the question all day long, if you really dare.
“Where is God?” is best answered with “God is everywhere.”

At what times in life have you wrestled with this universal question?

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