A Thanksgiving Poem

November 21, 2012 — Leave a comment

Dear reader, this poem was inspired by what God is teaching me in my walk with Him. I hope it will bless, touch, and challenge you as it does me.

It’s not about turkey, cranberries, and dressing.
It’s not about football, parades, and obsessing.
Thanksgiving’s about all the good things in life,
The blessings of God wrought in joy and in strife.

What began long ago in a struggle for power
Gave way to a trip on a ship called Mayflower.
The Pilgrims set sail in a quest to be free,
But their ultimate destiny only God could see.

What began long ago at Plymouth Plantation
Would lead to the birth of a God-fearing nation.
Their patience was tested in myriad ways,
Their toil was unyielding and made for long days.

Through great loss of life and stresses untold
Their faith would sustain them, their God would uphold.
Exactly what happened no one can be sure,
But their prayers of thanksgiving were honest and pure.

As we pause to reflect on the year nearly passed,
We consider our blessings and examine our mast.
For the sails of our lives may be tattered and torn,
But the Good Lord gives mercies anew every morn.

God calls us to love and to serve one another,
Counting each man we meet as our friend and our brother.
The test of thanksgiving is not what we say;
It’s the way that we live every moment and day.

Thanks can be shown through ways big and small,
But compassion, it seems, is the greatest of all.
With hearts overflowing and heads bowed in rev’rence,
Our prayers should reflect a spiritual deference.

So however you celebrate this special season,
Remember to thank Him — and here is the reason:
His blessings are many; our needs are so few.
Let’s give Him the glory in all we think, say, and do.

© Garrick D. Conner, 21 November 2012. All rights reserved.

What are you especially thankful for this year?

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