Happy Birthday, Billy Graham!

November 7, 2013 — 3 Comments

graham-bday-2013-editedToday marks the 95th birthday of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham. And in keeping with his call to carry the Good News of Jesus Christ to people of all walks of life, over the next several days Rev. Graham will present a 30-minute broadcast on select cable networks and other television outlets. (Click here for TV listings.)

Through a year-long effort called ‘My Hope,’ the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) has enlisted the support and partnership of thousands of churches all over the United States and Canada to share the message of Christ’s redeeming love. Rev. Graham’s ‘lifetime audience’ (including radio and television) was, as of 2008, an estimated 2.2 billion! Through his pre-recorded broadcast message this week, the famed preacher will speak what he believes will likely be his final message to millions all over North America.

I’ve never had the opportunity to see Graham in person. However, I remember sitting with my family as a young child listening to the unmistakable timbre of the passionate orator’s voice as he delivered God’s Word right into our living room via our large wooden console television. Ah, yes, those were the days. His crusades were always packed with many thousands of people, and his invitations to ‘accept Christ as Lord and Savior’ resulted in some 3.2 million professions of faith. While times and technology have unquestionably changed, the timeless truth of the gospel remains as relevant today as it has ever been.

graham-quoteThough increasingly frail and weakened with age, Rev. Graham’s prayer life is as strong as ever. In recent years he has admittedly grown deeply concerned about the spiritual condition of our nation. One word summarizes the beloved evangelist’s desire to speak one more time: urgency. Essentially, Rev. Graham has sensed God calling him to deliver a message to the people here in the US and Canada. Click here to read a touching article about the filming process for ‘My Hope.’

You might have stumbled upon this post at random, but I can assure you that it’s no accident. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Billy Graham, or you’ve never even heard his name, I urge you to take just 30 minutes out of your schedule at some point over the next few days to watch ‘The Cross.’ Having seen the program in its entirety, I can tell you that it is an incredibly powerful message that I know God will use to change many, many lives. You can preview it here — or watch the full message by clicking the graphic below:

How has the ministry of Billy Graham impacted your own life and spiritual journey?

3 responses to Happy Birthday, Billy Graham!


    Thank you for this blog and especially for the full listing of times and stations. Like many, I wait with anticipation and hope at what our Lord has guided Dr. Graham to say to our nation. We need another Billy Graham raised up. May it be so, O God!


    Happy Birthday, Rev. Dr. Billy Graham!

    You are really the best preacher in our planet earth.

    You are the most influential Christian evangelist in our world and you shared the Gospel all over the world, to both the rich and the poor, the powerful and the weak, the saved and the unsaved and you brought millions to Christ.

    Thank you, Dr. Graham, for living a life of integrity. Thank you for modeling the faith so well. May God bless you on your birthday, and may He continue to sustain you in the days to come.

    Thank you Dr. Graham, you are and have been a great witness for Jesus,Your reward will be great.your crowns will be many.You have fought a good fight and kept the faith.Thank you so very much ,Your rewards will be great…may God bless you, keep you. guide you and use you more and more for his glory.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Shapour Pourpashang

    International Persian Prayer Center

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