If Blessings Are Like Marshmallows

November 26, 2013 — 2 Comments

hot-chocolate-marshmallows-editedThe other night my wife was working on a sewing project, so I had the privilege of processing most of the requests from our kids (and the dog).

My almost-eight-year-old daughter, Caroline, decided that since the weather was, in her words, “very wintry,” then she needed a cup of hot chocolate. She didn’t have to twist my arm. As usual, I asked her if she wanted marshmallows in it, and, of course, she did. I must confess that I didn’t think anything about this seemingly trivial task — that is, until Caroline gleefully exclaimed, “Daddy, I love it when you give me marshmallows!”

“Why?” I asked.

Because you give me a whole handful. And you have big hands.

A smile came to my face — not just because she was so cute, but because she was just so right.

This week we officially usher in the holiday season. Thanksgiving is so often marginalized, crowded out due to retailers’ collective anxiety about cashing in and consumers’ fears of missing out on the biggest selection and the best bargains. However, Caroline told me several months ago that Thanksgiving is actually her favorite holiday — because, as she put it so well, “It’s important to tell God thank-you for all He does for us.”

Indeed, it is.

Some of us have experienced a lot of pain, loss, and heartache over the course of this year. But even in the midst of our trials, troubles, and tough times, we are still so very blessed.


Because our Heavenly Father gives us a whole handful of blessings. And He has big hands. [Tweet That!]

If blessings are like marshmallows, my cup runneth over. I hope the same is true for you.

What are you most thankful for?

2 responses to If Blessings Are Like Marshmallows


    I am most thankful that I know the Lord and was given a mom who knew Him, shared him with all three of her children, and lived a godly life giving us a wonderful example of how we were to live.

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