How should Christians approach the subject of anxiety?

Artist: Elisabetta Stoinich

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health struggles we face in modern society. It’s also among the most misunderstood. Too often the Christian community is quick to turn a blind eye to those who struggle with issues related to mental health. Those who struggle can find themselves feeling all alone.

I know because I’m one of them.

In 2008 I learned my church staff position was one of several being eliminated due to the downturn in the stock market. During this time I also experienced a personal health scare, and within just a few weeks, my wife and I returned home from a weekend getaway to New York City to find our home had been burglarized.

The break-in was the last straw for me. In the days immediately following, I experienced my first full-blown panic attack. As a licensed therapist, I knew what was going on. I recognized the racing heart rate, the unclear thinking patterns, and the general sense of impending doom as classic symptoms of anxiety. But that didn’t make the incident any less frightening. The experience made me feel out-of-control, emotionally weak, and helpless.

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